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Time and Work

A does 80% of a work in 20 days. He then calls in B and they together finish the remaining work in 3 days. How long B alone would take to do the whole work?


1. All water(100)is divine(50)
2. All temples(100) are divine (50)

1. All water(100)is temple(50)
2. All temples(100)are water(50)

A boy goes to school at a speed of 3km/hr and returns to home at a speed of 2km/hr.If he takes 5hr in all, what is the distance between school and home?


Given:total time = 5hr, speed(towards school)=3km/hr,speed(towards home)=2km/hr
first, we find his average speed [2xy/(x+y)] i.e,
average speed= (2*3*2)/(2+3) = 12/5 km/hr
distance=speed x time
distance= (12/5) x 5 = 12km

but this is wrong correct answer is 6km.

Average of Women

The average age of women at a tea party is 58.When three women leave early and two join after those three have left,the average age of the women becomes 60. What is the difference between the sum of the ages of the group of three who left and that of the group of two who joined?

2, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18, ___

Explanation for this question it is a number series


I cant understand cube related questions.explain briefly.

installment aptitude question

annual payment of Rs 80 in 5 years at 5% p.a. simple interest will discharge a debt of ______

Try this question???????

Ram went to cousin\’s place and spent his vacation.in the morning ram and his cousin went for jog and in the evening for tennis,tiring up with these activities ,they managed only one per day either jogging or tennis.there was a day where they felt lazy and took leave for all the day long.there were 12 mornings where they did nothing ,and 18 evenings at home and a total of 14 days where they jogged and played tennis, find how many days did ram stay at his cousins place?

operations on numbers

A number when successively divided by 1,2 and 8 leaves reminders 1,4 and 7 respectively. find the respective reminders if the order of divisors be reversed.

Ratio Questions

The incomes of three families P, Q and R are in the ratio of 6:8:11 and their expendituresare in the ratio of 5:8:10. If family P saves ½ of his income, then the savings of families P, Qand R are in the ratio of?

Find the ratio

what will be the ratio of the simple intrest earned by the certain amount at yhe same rate of the intrest for six year and that for nine year

Find it

If D + I + M = 1501 C+ I + V + I + L = 157 L + I + V + I + D = 557 C +I + V+ I + C = 207What is V + I + M = ?

Name questions

Five people – Pavan, Qureshi, Rohit, Suman and Tarun – travelled from Hyderabad to Bangalore using different modes of transport among Plane, Train, Car, Bike, and Bus. During their journey, only four of them had something to eat on the way, while one did not have anything to eat. Among the four who did have something to eat, each had a different dish among Samosas, Peanuts, Fried Rice, and Sandwich. The following information is also known about their journeys and what each of them ate on the way:(i) The Plane was the first to reach Bangalore while the Bike was the last.(ii) The person who reached first did not eat Samosas and Rohit reached before Pavan.(iii) Qureshi travelled by Train and had Fried Rice.(iv) The person who had Peanuts reached second, while Tarun, who travelled by Bus, was the next to reach Bangalore.(v) The person who travelled on the Bike had a Sandwich on the way and he was not Suman.

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