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Question of the day 20-8-2014

Question of the day:
What’s the full form of SIS ?

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Answer: Symbian OS Installer File

Question of the day 19-8-2014

Question of the day:
What’s the full form of 3GPP ?

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Answer: 3rd Generation Partnership Project

Question of the day 18-8-2014

Question of the day:
What’s the full form of JAD in computers ?

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Answer: Java Application Descriptor

Question of the day 17-8-2014

Question of the day:
What’s the full form of SIM ?

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Answer: Subscriber Identity Module

Question of the day 16-8-2014

Question of the day:
What’s the full form for 3G ?

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Answer: 3rd Generation

Question of the day 15-8-2014

Question of the day:
A number is greater than the square of 44 and smaller than the square of 45. If one part of the no. is the square of 6 and the number is a multiple of 5, then find the number.

(A) 1940
(B) 2080
(C) 1980
(D) None of these.

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Answer: (D) One part of the no. is the square of 6.
=> 36 must be present in the number and among the options given, none of the options fulfills this criteria.
So, None of these is the answer.

Question of the day 14-8-2014

Question of the day:
A survey of 200 people in a community who watched at least one of the three channels ? BBC, CNN and DD ? showed that 80% of the people watched DD, 22% watched BBC, and 15% watched CNN.

What is the maximum percentage of people who can watch all the three channels?
a. 12.5%
b. 8.5%
c. 15%
d. Data insufficient

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Answer: c In order to maximise the percentage of people who watch all the three channels, we should assume the number of people who watch exactly two channels is zero. The Venn diagram will hence be as shown on the right. It can be observed that the maximum value that the central area can take will be equal to one of the extreme three values and it will indeed be the least of the three values.

Question of the day 13-8-2014

Question of the day:
This question was asked in CAT Exam:
There are 60 students in a class. These students are divided into three groups A, B and C of 15, 20 and 25 students each. The groups A and C are combined to form group D. What is the average weight of the students in group D?

a. More than the average weight of A
b. More than the average weight of C
c. Less than the average weight of C
d. Cannot be determined

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Answer: d Although the number of students in group D is more than in any other group, we still cannot say anything about the average weight of this group as nothing is mentioned about the average weights of any of the groups or of individual students.

Question of the day 12-8-2014

“Question of the day:
which would best fill in the blank.
An act of justice closes the book on a misdeed; an act of vengeance ___.

a. is reprehensible
b. is sordid
c. reopens the first chapter
d. writes an epilogue

Spoiler title

Answer: c An act of vengeance relates to the ‘beginning’ of the misdeeds, and thus reopens the first chapter. Look for a suitable complement in sentences split with a semicolon. When there is a semicolon in the sentence, one has to look for a logical complement — ‘closes : reopens’.

Question of the day 11-8-2014

Question of the day:
Select a pair of sentences that relate logically to the given statement.

Either Sam is ill, or he is drunk.

A. Sam is ill. B. Sam is not ill.
C. Sam is drunk. D. Sam is not drunk.

a. AB
b. DA
c. AC
d. CD

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Answer: (b) Sam is not drunk, so he must be ill. One of the either … or condition is true.

Question of the day 10-8-2014

Question of the day:
Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to the one expressed in the question pair.
Peel : Peal

a. Coat : Rind b. Laugh : Bell
c. Rain : Reign d. Brain : Cranium

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Answer: (c) is a pair of homophones. (a), (b) and (d) do not have pairs of homophones.

Question of the day 9-8-2014

URL stands for —
(1) Universal Research List
(2) Universal Resource List
(3) Uniform Research List
(4) Uniform Research Locator
(5) Uniform Resource Locator

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Answer: (5) Uniform Resource Locator

Question of the day 8-8-2014

Question of the day:
Interesting Question, only for Genius:

Ek car ka number 4 digits ka hai.
4th digit, 1st digit ka double hai.
2nd and 3rd digits same hai.
Aur first two digits ka double last two digits hai.
Bolo car ka kya number Hai ?

It’s Question Of Last IAS Exam.

Lets see how many people can solve it.

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Answer: 4998

Question of the day 7-8-2014

Question of the day:
What among following is used to produce artificial rain ?
A. copper oxide
B. carbon monoxide
C. silver iodide
D. silver nitrate

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Answer: C. silver iodide

Question of the day 6-8-2014

Question of the day:
What is full form ANSI ?

A. American Nation Standard Instruction Codes
B. American National Standard Instruction Codes
C. Asian National Standard Instruction Codes
D. Asian Nations Standard Instruction Codes

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Answer: B. American National Standard Instruction Codes

Question of the day 5-8-2014

Question of the day:
Who was the father of Operation Flood ?

A. Dr. Norman Borlaug
B. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
C. Dr. Verghese Kurien
D. Dr. William Gande

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Answer: C

The “Operation flood” was the largest integrated dairy development programme of the world. It was started by National dairy development board in 1970.

Question of the day 4-8-2014

Question of the day:
Which is Longest national highway of India ?
A. NH – 2
B. NH – 4
C. NH – 6
D. NH – 7

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Answer: D

NH -7 (Varanasi to Kanyakumari – 2,369 km)

Question of the day 3-8-2014

Question of the day:
The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is ?
A. Ethane
B. Ethylene
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Acetylene

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Answer: B. Ethylene

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